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Post Production: My Favourite After Effects Plugins

Being behind the camera means you have complete control over your shot – from the lighting to the composition. However, with recent advancements in technology and computer graphics being able to control your footage in post-production is a skill on it’s own. I’ve been using after effects for many years and I’ve shared a few plugins that I can’t live with.

My Top After Effects Plugins

Element 3D

element3dupdate2_thmThis amazing plugin gives you 3D functionality right inside of After Effects, crazy right? You can import pre-built 3D models, (with support for OBJ, FBX, C4D, 3DS Max and Vray), straight into your scenes, add a camera and start compositing your shot in minutes. You won’t believe some of the stuff that’s come from this little plugin.

Magic Bullet Looks

When it comes to applying colour effects and grades MBL is the fastest, it’s one of those tools that just makes things easier. You can start by using a preset you take it one step further and fully customize your looks by layering up filters and effects.

Light Leaks Me

light leaksOkay, so this isn’t exactly a plugin but for the price I think it’s worth having a good set of Light Leaks. A simple google search should some good results for these. Using light leaks is a lot simpler than installing a plugin. This is a true plug and play system. Simply add the video files to your editing program and change the blending mode and you’re off to the races.

Trapcode Particular

Trapcode_Particular_2_HeroIf you’re in the business of making particles of any kind then you can’t look much further than Trapcode Particular. Snow, Sparks, Dust, it all happens in this fairly cheap plugin by Red Giant. The programs gives you complete control over the type of particle, it’s shape, size, colour and blending mode. Basically you can play God and make anything imaginable, pretty F-ing awesome right? At $399 it isn’t the cheapest thing in the world but once you learn how to master it, you’ll be raking in the dough.

Optical Flares

You’re probably not JJ Abrams but you’re sure as hell going to try. Now with the new optical flares plugin from those guys over at video copilot you’re basically directing the next Star Trek film. This plugin isn’t just good, it’s damn good, like really damn good. You can start with the basic preset flares and take it up a notch by creating your own. Add a null, track that thing and boom. You’ve got yourself a real life-like flare in your scene.

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