Top Three Best Timelapse Videos

Time-lapse videos are probably the coolest videos you can watch. Imagine being able to see events such as the rising of the sun and its eventual setting in a few minutes instead of waiting the whole day or how a seed grows into a small plant and eventually bear beautiful flowers. Or even the comings and goings of people and vehicles in a busy street in an unmatched display of how traffic unfolds throughout the day. There is a sense of urgency, even excitement at how time and therefore life seems to progress or “lapses” more quickly than normal.

The increasing popularity of time-lapse videos can be likened to the quickening pace of daily life, which is what those videos perfectly depict. Time appears to move faster and at such a breakneck pace that is both exhilarating and inviting. And with the increasing of time-lapse videos, wouldn’t be so much fun to look at some of the very best out there? Get ready then to take a look at some of the best time-lapse videos that have been made so far.

It’s now time. You can catch your lapsed breath later:

Dazzling Timelapse Reveals America’s Great Spaces

The vastness and expansiveness of America is clearly shown in this time lapse video. It is almost surreal how the great landscape that passes before the viewers’ eyes and reveals its great beauty through the clouds passing atop the grand Canyon, great plains and forests, deep lakes and powerful rivers and the snow that envelops everything during winter. And a camper witnesses the night pass by with the a galaxy of stars overheard heralding something unreachable, something infinite. Perhaps the vastness of space overhead and how it changes as shown in the video stresses how minute and inconsequential we all are here, even as the great spaces of America displays grandeur and a richness that seems inexhaustible.

Big City Timelapse

This video by MarketME video production san francisco perfectly encapsulates what a time-lapse video is all about. It displays the kind of progression only available on time-lapse videos and it displays it perfectly, as it starts with a sunrise and ends in a sunset in the same place, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The progression is even more pronounced by the passing clouds overhead, passing quickly and almost aggressively. Clouds are seen going by as the video shows the day moving on and a changing landscape along with it: from a wide green field, to snow-capped mountains, to the open sea. Night is shown covering the city while at the same time the bright lights are turned on all leading to the gathering night clouds over the gate once more.

Best Storm Timelapse

This time-lapse video showcases the almost surrealistic power of nature, particularly two of its most powerful components: tornadoes and lightning. It is almost scary to look into the storms that are shown, generating such tremendous power. You could almost imagine being swallowed into the dark and powerful storms that contain terrible lightning as well as the tornadoes that seem ready to engulf everything in its path. It is clear that the scenes depicted are perfect for the time-lapse video, because the power and the intensity of those forces of nature are given more emphasis when viewed faster.

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